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    来源:http://www.jnsxcg.com  2019-05-14 14:51:21
    我生长在集装箱; 我的父亲让他们。 我与他们在建筑学院,设计一个夏令营,入迷于处置技术使他们低价和容易挪动。 但在理想世界中我发现他们太小,太贵了,也有毒。
    I grew up in containers; my father let them. I worked with them at the Architectural College to design a summer camp, fascinated by disposal technology to make them cheap and mobile. But in the ideal world I found them too small, too expensive, and poisonous.
    有丰厚的益处所谓集装箱建筑模型。 一些这些优势包括:强度、耐用性、可用性和本钱。 丰厚和相对廉价(一些售价仅为900美圆)的这些集装箱在过去的十年里来自赤字制废品来自北美。 这些制废品来到北美,亚洲和欧洲,在集装箱通常必需运回空相当大的代价。 因而,寻求新的应用程序运用集装箱已到达目的地。
    The so-called container building model has great benefits. Some of these advantages include strength, durability, availability and cost. Rich and relatively inexpensive containers ($900 for some) have come from North America for deficit-based waste over the past decade. These manufactured wastes come to North America, Asia and Europe, and often have to be transported back to air in containers at a considerable cost. Therefore, the search for new applications using containers has arrived at the destination.
    然后他给了一点历史,跟踪集装箱建筑回专利在1989年。 在这里,他显然是错误的; 人玩的年代。
    Then he gave a little history, tracking the container building back to patent in 1989. Here he is clearly wrong; the age of human play.
    我父亲建造的年代,集装箱的设备搬到北极,在那里他排在两行以及它们之间放一个屋顶和门完毕,所以工人们一个封锁的环境来卸载集装箱和组装。 这里的关键是活动性; 明年当集装箱是空的建筑将会再次运往南方。 (一个集装箱本钱5000美圆,5000美圆,你没有放弃它)。
    When my father built it, container equipment moved to the Arctic, where he lined up in two rows and placed a roof and door between them, so the workers had a closed environment to unload containers and assemble them. The key here is mobility; next year when the container is empty, the building will be shipped South again. A container costs $5,000 and $5,000. You didn't give it up.


    When I played with containers at school in the 1970s, everything was folded and moved from them. Containers are your boxes for loading goods. Because in practice, what are you going to do in the middle of seven feet and a few inches when you heat and finish the interior decoration? You can't even walk on a double bed. And of course you can't live in any container made for international tours; to enter Australia, wooden floors must be treated with severely toxic pesticides. For ten years in the salt fog of container ships, they were coated with industrial strength coatings filled with toxic chemicals.
    我曾经观看了集装箱一些困惑和抑郁,认真考虑,我错过了船。 但30年前我以为他们太小,有毒的和昂贵的,没有改动。 行将,设计师和建立者终于找出集装箱实践上是什么,这不只仅是一个盒子,但全球运输系统与一个宏大的根底设备的一局部的船舶、火车、卡车和起重机的本钱推进航运到以前的一小局部。
    I had watched the container a little confused and depressed, seriously considering that I missed the boat. But 30 years ago I thought they were too small, toxic and expensive to change. Admirals, designers and builders have finally figured out what containers are in practice. It's not just a box, but the cost of a part of the global transportation system and a huge infrastructure pushes the cost of ships, trains, trucks and cranes to a fraction of what they used to be.
    Containers as Encrypted Housing
    这就是我以为的将来集装箱建筑,它并不是一个快乐的思想。 集装箱有全球化的消费除了住房,由于房子是比盒子。当你想到一个集装箱不只仅是一个盒子,但系统的一局部,然后开端有意义。 和逻辑,不可防止的结论是,住房不再是任何不同于其他产品,但能够在世界任何中央。 集装箱的作用在建筑将是海外对房地产业,就像每一个其他。 这是他们的真实的将来。
    That's what I think of as container building in the future. It's not a happy idea. Containers have global consumption in addition to housing, as houses are more than boxes. When you think of a container, it's not just a box, but a part of the system, and then it makes sense to start. And logic, the inevitable conclusion is that housing is no longer any different from other products, but can be in any center of the world. The role of containers in construction will be overseas to China's real estate industry, just like every other. This is their real future.
    假如你关怀取得分歧的、高质量的快速和低价的住房,这将使你快乐。 假如你关怀那些工作在房地产崩盘,蒸发,这是一个问题,他们曾经出口。
    If you care about getting divergent, high-quality, fast and low-cost housing, it will make you happy. If you care about those jobs in the real estate crash, evaporation, this is a problem, they have exported.